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Green for Danger

Here’s a rarity to relish! Sidney “St Trinian’s, St Trinian’s, our battle-cry” Gilliat directs and co-scripts a bizarre comedy-mystery, as, in a rural English hospital during WWII, a postman dies on the operating table, and the nurse states that she knows the murderer to be dead as well. Understandably, in such odd circumstance, the Yard despatches the frivolous Inspector Cockrill, who suspects that one of the five doctors and nurses in the operating theatre was the actual assassin. But meanwhile, four lethally-poisonous capsules have gone missing from the hospital’s supplies…a pleasingly atmospheric-looking little comic thriller, this, and among the Creamcast here we have Trevor “Oh…BUMS” Howard, Alastair “Swellegant, eh!” Sim as the Inspector, Leo “Petronius” Genn, Judy “Sredni Vashtar” Campbell, George “Inigo Pipkin plus all of those horror films listed above” Woodbridge,  and the uncredited big screen debut of none other than Hattie Jacques. Is she playing a Matron? Watch and find out, why don’t you!

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  1. Matt Patton

    October 25, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    If you look carefully, I think you spot the future Matron among a group of doctors and nurses being lectured to by Ronald “epic eyebrows” Adam about the need for positive thinking. Just before another buzz bomb drops.

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