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Goonies, The

This Spielberg adventure fantasy was always one of those “they wouldn’t let me into Terminator” second choices at the cinema for kids of the day, but as usual with ’80s US films we’re more interested in the soundtrack, which features such quintessential acts as Cyndi Lauper, Philip Bailey, The Bangles, Teena Marie and, er, REO Speedwagon. Also, whilst watching the Two Towers the other day (and for the umpteenth time, we should point out) we remarked on how Sean Astin has fairly layered on the beef and if anyone ever asks *him* to do a truffle shuffle these days. Perhaps he is actually a wiry svelte superstar doing a De Niro, though (isn’t). The star of this is of course Anne ‘Hit puree!’ Ramsay and, much as we deplored Chunk’s nauseatingly precocious turn on Wogan (that’s *Mr.* Wogan to you, sunbeam!) we must admit that his scene retelling the incident in the cinema is tremendous. One Eyed Willie, Pincers of Power, that Shuffle and gratuitous Japanese and Hispanic stereotypes are all in attendance. Set some time aside: go on. “Heeeeeeey, you guuuuuuys!”

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  1. Richard Davies

    December 1, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    Often badly chopped up when shown on TV, like some of the bond films.

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