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Good Companions, The

The Dinky Doos Revue (yes, it’s that sort of an affair) are a travelling theatre troupe on hard times, until a meeting with Eric ‘Number Two in the one where Magoohan wins the election’ Portman (John ‘Shockeye off The Two Doctors’ Stratton in the TV series), Celia ‘Encounter’ Johnson (Judy ‘Maddy off Paradise Towers’ Cornwell on the Beeb) and John ‘The Monitor off of Logopolis’ Fraser (Jeremy ‘Echoes of Louisa’ Nicholas) turns their fortunes around in time-honoured manner. Worth checking, if you’ve a morning off, for the bulging cast list which goes thus – Hugh ‘Dr Phibes’ Griffith, Joyce ‘Trinian’s’ Grenfell, Shirley Anne ‘Sunday Morning’ Field, mother and daughter combo Thora Hird and Janette ‘Triffids’ Scott, Anthony ‘Merkin’ Newley, John ‘Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?’ Le Mesurier, Melvyn ‘Dreamstone’ Hayes and, by no means least, George Woodbridge and Marianne Stone.

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