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Four Feathers, The

When another remake of this hitched up recently certain commentators were at pains to let us know how much more politically correct that version was and how this version from 1939, directed by Alexander Korda, was all militaristic bombast and the glory of war. We have actually seen the film though, and we love it. The entire first portion of the film is concerned with demonstrating that the old generals are a bunch of bloodthirsty old loons and the rest is a testament to the bonds of friendship and the glory involved is that of personal heroism, not blind loyalty or the allure of tunes of war. With the return of each feather we are constantly amazed at the ability of John Clements not to rub the original donors’ noses in it. A word of caution to those who enjoy holidays abroad, though: judging by Sir Rich Ralphardson’s experience in this one can go blind by taking one’s hat off in the sun. You have been warned.

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