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$ (or rather, ‘Dollars’, but, this being 1971, typographical tricksiness was in)

DollarsYet another modish Hollywood comedy caper which employs a convoluted plot to escalate confusion. Hamburg-based bank security chief Warren Beatty observes various felons stashing their ill-gotten gains in adjoining safe deposit boxes, and hooks up with Goldie Hawn, a hooker who “does” for all said villains, to obtain the keys to the boxes and rip off a million, er, dollars, safe in the knowledge that the police are unlikely to be alerted by the hapless heistees. The crims, natch, have other ideas, and a delirious half hour pan-Germanic chase results, with the criminals trying to steal back the stolen money Beatty stole from them. Cynics would argue that’s not all Beatty stole, as a very similar plot underpins archly-shot British eccentric caper Perfect Friday from a year previously.

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  1. THX 1139

    April 11, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    It’s OK-ish until the chase for the last half hour, then it goes up a few gears and becomes really great, 1970s action thriller business. The car chase over the ice is excellent stuff, so keep watching through the preceeding stodge and your patience is definitely rewarded. Well, fair enough, the actual heist is quite clever too.

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