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Crime and Punishment, USA

A title like that is asking for it really, isn’t it? Were this Alan Coren-era Punch, we’d feel compelled to conjure up notions of a whimsical series of similarly transposed classics – ‘Anna Karenina, Albuquerque’, say, or ‘A La Recherché du Temps Perdu, Newport Pagnell’. Add the fact that it’s brought to you by Denis Sanders, the man behind hyper violent crime schlocker Mannix and the immortal Invasion of the Bee Girls, and you’d be inclined to give it a miss. But… it works. It’s weird all right, shifting the whole claustrophobic moral mess from 19th century St Petersburg to beatnik-era LA, and casting chiselled Hawaiian Tropic addict George ‘Supertrain’ Hamilton as the detached protagonist, but well worth a curious E180, we say.

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