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Carry On Regardless

The terrific Stanley ‘Catherine of Arabold’ Unwin  plays a landlord in this odd, bitty ‘On prompting us to start wishing for a repeat of The Secret Service. Interesting how, in that show, Gerry Anderson reversed his usual trick of puppets for long shots and real hands for close-ups, by having Unwin filmed in live action doing all that difficult standing up, walking etc., then cutting to his puppet for close shots. Then again, it was a weird show all round. Ideally suited to a Channel Four slot, really. Ahem. Where were we? Also present – Bill ‘Nurse’ Owen, Liz ‘Double Bunk’ Fraser, Esma ‘Flo’ Cannon, Fenella ‘Screaming’ Fielding, Joan ‘Marple’ Hickson, Betty ‘Camping’ Marsden, Terence ‘Bergerac’ Alexander, Molly ‘MacWitch’ Weir, Norman ‘Simon Simon’ Rossington, Nicholas “would you like a mink coat, Elizabeth?” Parsons and Patrick ‘Wives’ Cargill.

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