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The TV Cream Advent Calendar: Door 4

Kenneth Williams is waiting behind today’s door, ready to share his memories of Christmas 27 years ago…

Tuesday 23rd December 1980
“Saw Louie and we watched the Les Dawson Show. The format is wrong but he continually triumphs. There are endless repetitions of the same joke on TV this year. Son to father (apropos Christmas present) ‘I’ve got my eye on this bike’ and the father replies ‘Well keep your eye on it cos you ain’t getting your arse on it.’ Then there is ‘Why do they have to have Christmas in December when all the shops are so crowded?’ The only thing that did make me laugh was when the Ghost of Christmas asked Dawson ‘What about the Cratchits?’ and he replied ‘They’re fine – I think that ointment’s done the trick.'”

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