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It’s been a while since the self-styled Bunty Bagshaw got herself in the papers for another “indiscreet remark”. Well, all of a few weeks or so.

You’ll probably have read how, the other day, she regaled listeners with the contention that, when out driving late one night, she’d almost run over a black person because “he was hard to see in the dark”.

Cue a load of media twittering about how the woman is demented and can’t be allowed on air and shouldn’t be making “that kind of offensive remark”. That “kind”? Is there some other kind of racist remark that isn’t offensive?

Like each and every time before, however, she’s escaped reparation to blithely sail forever onwards like some giant weather balloon floating into a dusk of indignity.

And just what was she doing motoring around after sundown when she presents a radio show that begins at 6am?

Anyway, in the annals of celebrity racialism her bleating is surely up there with Eric Clapton’s “I’m with Enoch” recitation and that time when Phil Collins arrived on stage at the MOBO Awards, surveyed the audience and announced “It’s suddenly got very dark in here.”

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