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Small earthquake in Chile; not many dead

Here it is; the first, and perhaps only, self-evident purpose of this blog: correcting all the errors in last night’s Digi-Cream Times mailout.

Chris Wright writes:

“I think you’ll find that there is already a tube station called Wood Green. It’s on the Piccadilly Line and it’s been there quite a while. The name you were groping for was ‘Wood Lane’ which, if you think about it, you probably even know the postcode of (W12 8QT).”

A few others the reader(s) might have missed:

– Alison Graham does not, in fact, spend her evenings running a small rag-and-bone business with Gill Hudson
– Obesity is, in fact, genetic and not caused by people stuffing their faces with crappy food dawn to dusk while slumped in front of internet mailing lists and not doing a single second of exercise
– It is, in fact, St John Ambulance
– There is, in fact, no I in TEAM
– There is, in fact, a house in New Orleans

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