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Hello! I’m Muriel Gray. You might remember me from such Channel 4 hit shows as Switch, The Media Show and The 100 Greatest Family Films.

Well now. I really can’t believe my old stamping ground and home from home is about to turn 25 years of age. So many memories! I’ll never forget the time I was presenting The Tube when I opened my dressing room door to find my dear friends Paula and Jools introducing the programme right outside! Whoops! I uttered a mild profanity – live on air! – then had to run outside, round the back of the Tyne Tees building, to reach the place I was supposed to be! I’ve been laughing about that incident non-stop for almost 20 years. Lordy lordy.

Anyway, I’m here to remind everyone to take part in the special TV Cream Channel 4 anniversary poll, which is being held to determine once and for all when were C4’s greatest years. You’ll need to be signed up to Yahoo, but then if you’re subscribed to Creamguide that will nae be a problem.

Oooh! I can barely contain myself at thinking what the result might be! As Scotland’s first lady, I must try and keep my composure – but as soon as I hear the theme tune to Right To Reply, I’m off! Mercy me. Anyway, happy voting, and here’s to Channel 4: let’s hope it continues to grow old *dis*gracefully!!!

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