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Photo clippage: Radio 2 40th birthday special

This weekend’s multiple anniversary commemorations have already got off to a sparkling start with an edition of Friday Night Is Music Night featuring a medley of Radio 2 “themes”, a singalong version of ‘MacArthur Park’ and Joe Brown cracking jokes about Ken Bruce.

Unfortunately there was no evidence of a mooted (at least by TV Cream) appearance by the Radio 2 Players; indeed, there doesn’t look like being any collective tribute, not even a special pantomime, during the whole celebrations.

By way of scant compensation, then, here are some of Radio 2’s erstwhile constituent parts.

1) A phalanx of DJs and significant others marches on 10 Downing Street to demand an end to the pervasive corrupting influence of Waggoner’s Walk:

2) Gloria Hunniford swaps the verdant pastures of Broadcasting House for a stint on Open Air fielding endless complaints about Peter Sissons’s pay packet and enquiries about the music played during Ceefax AM:

3) Brian Matthew dresses down for dinner:

4) Jimmy Young is joined in the studio by a known bender:

5) Just another average lunchtime in the BBC club:

6) Ed Stewart in a rare shot reaching for his wallet:

7) John Dunn is informed he no longer has to share a locker with Steve Wright:

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