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How We Used To List: 8th-14th JUNE 2002

What we were watching this week 20 years ago, as recorded in the back-issues of TV Cream’s weekly ‘e-mag’, Creamguide…

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8th – 14th June 2002
Due to a honeymooning Phil Norman (congratulations!), a warm welcome please to our guest film critic, Chris Diamond. Erstwhile Creamguide Wheeltappers Correspondent, Chris is a leading player in our Come On Channel Five! campaign. His views on the films shown on TV may be of interest to readers.
Still here – Graham Kibble-White

Saturday 8th June


22.55 Summer Sensations
A rerun of the documentary first shown last year looking at summer-themed pop records from the past forty years. We did watch this but, er, we’ve completely forgotten everything about it, for some reason. John Peel’s in it, though, so it must be quite good.


17.30 D-Day The Sixth of June
“The Great Love Story of The Great War”. Now, we always thought it was the First World War that got called the Great War, but no matter, here’s Robert ‘Saddle the Wind’ Taylor and Richard ‘don’t mention the dog’ Todd reminiscing about the times they romanced the same woman – though not, we presume, at the same time. Who will survive and go back to the little woman? They keep you guessing ’til the very last. PLOT SPOILER: Germany lose the war.

21.05 The Kenneth Williams Story – A Reputations Special
Basically, a two-part documentary re-edited into ninety minutes, seemingly in order to provide a very awkward clash with Channel Four. We don’t think there’s any Willo The Wisp or All-Star Record Breakers, though. If you ever see the Radio Cream Times editor out and about, he’d love to regale you with his award-winning impression of the great man.


22.00 After They Were Famous
After a very long gap, the series resumes in exactly the same slot. This week we’re interested in Norris McWhirter, who always struck us as a curious sort of figure to be involved in a children’s programme; sort of like a children’s football show starring the editor of Rothmans or something. Also tonight, Lee Curreri, one of the Wurzels and Dai Bradley out of Kes.


06.05 Ivor The Engine
Useful if you can’t stomach Andy Townsend over the Corn Flakes.

12.30 Little House On The Prairie
Well, we’ve lost the Monday screenings, it seems, but there are even more pointless weekday outings to come.

20.15 Carry On Up The Khyber
Postponed from about three weeks ago, of course. We quite like these taglines that they used to put on the posters and this has got a brilliant one: “Enlist in the Carry On Army and see the world – of Laughter!” So, form up in two ranks in front of the Residency; “Fakir, off!” “Rank stupidity!” “You’re an elephant!” “The British are used to cuts!” “That’ll teach them to ban turbans on the buses” Bungit Dhin, The Kasi of Khalabar, Ginger Hale, Private Widdle, Princess Jelhi, Major Shorthouse and starring . . . well, you know. Dashed unsporting of BBC2 who have got that Reputations special on at the same time though. Mind you, if you don’t know this lot off by heart by now then we haven’t taught you anything.


17.10 Who’s That Girl?
“A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Bus Station” ran the tagline on the posters to this ’87 Madonna-fest – and also released in some parts as ‘Slammer’ apparently – although whatever the funny thing was obviously didn ‘t merit inclusion in this load of cobblers. Anyway, Madge takes a detour on the way to that bus station to uncover the real murderer responsible for the crime she’s just wrongly completed a lengthy sentence for. And it’s a comedy! Of course the real crime is that John ‘as worn by’ Mills got caught up in all this tosh. Mind you, he’s been in worse, though not much worse, mind.

19.40 The Spiderman Story
So how long before we get the Kenny Everett toilet sketch, then? This documentary mostly features the making of the film, like a Saturday afternoon thing, but also promises to include a history of the character. And if you can explain the difference between The Amazing Spiderman and The Spectacular Spiderman, then you can tell Ask The Family ( and click on Long Shots) if you want.

05.10 Sons and Daughters
Back to the double bills, for some reason.

Sunday 9th June


17.15 Points Of View
A viewer complains about the way any serious complaint on this programme then has to be followed by Tel stagily messing about with a pot plant wearing a stupid comedy grin, just to ‘change the mood’. And they showed that bloody ‘Terry in BBC1 rooftop trailer’ sketch two weeks running. Grrr.

19.35 Only Fools and Horses
Without Auf Weidershen Pet, Sunday nights look a bit thin, don’t they?

23.20 The Dogs Of War
“Cry Havoc! And Let Slip The Dogs Of War!” Freddie Forsyth novel-based high jinx (we don’t think he wrote that tagline mind, though he’d probably try and tell you he thought of it first) about a mercenary and his jolly band of pals attempting to overthrow a nasty baddie and then, erm, take his place. Starring Christopher ‘his mother was born in Glasgow you know’ Walken, Tom ‘Major League’ Berenger, and – Cream cast members at last! – Colin ‘Strife’ Blakely and, hovering in the background, Kenny ‘Derek’ Ireland and Jim ‘Wallace’ Broadbent. Hurray!


21.00 World Cup Heroes
“Does Pele shag around?” Not quite sure what this documentary is going to tell us about the man that we don’t already know, nor are we sure who else is in this series of films. But we can confirm that no, he’s too scared of kiss-and-tell stories and AIDS.


13.20 My Favourite Hymns
Yeah, we know, but when the programme promises to include Rick Wakeman picking the hits, as well as Jimmy Cricket participating in “a celebration of faith and humour”, it demands inclusion.

14.50 Charade (Scotland only)
“You Can Expect The Unexpected When They Play ‘Charade'”. A touch of class for Sunday afternoon then, with Stanley Donen’s masterful thriller pitching Audrey ‘Lavender Hill Mob’ Hepburn against all manner of rogues trying to get their mits on her late husband’s cash and Cary ‘Judy, Judy, Judy’ Grant helping. Or is he? And where is the cash anyway? And did her husband steal it to begin with? And didn’t she used to be in the chorus line in a Bob Monkhouse show in Blackpool? With Walter ‘Enter!’ Matthau, James ‘Hudson Hawke’ Coburn and George ‘Earthquake’ Kennedy.


06.05 The Clangers
It’s OK, no football for an hour.

23.05 Banzai
How many of these new episodes are there? And why is it in such a terrible slot? Whatever, it’s still one of the funniest shows on telly, and it’s got the best soundtrack too.


14.30 Hellfighters
John Wayne puts out big fires with little trucks. Erm… that’s about it. With Bruce ‘Burt Saxby’ Cabot and Katherine ‘Swarm’ Ross. Oh, and directed by Andrew ‘son of Victor’ McLaglan, fact fans.

20.00 Cocktail
“When he pours, he reigns.” Groo. About as well thought out as that strapline here’s Tom Cruise as a cretinous, ungrateful little gimp working in a pub in Jamaica where he presumably has to stand on a box so he can reach the top of the bar. But he’s not just a barman you know, he makes cocktails! And he’s studying for a business degree so he’s not really daft (hasn’t passed it, mind, just studying for it). The origin of all those idiots in bars who chuck bottles of Bols and Grenadine around while you stand like a lemon remonstrating with them to stop juggling and just get the drink poured. Also starring Bryan ‘Citroen’ Brown and included here only because Bobbi in Home and Away had a ‘Cocktail’ poster on her wall the whole time she was staying in Tom and Pippa’s house.

Monday 10th June


14.55 Just Good Friends
Try and convince your boss to let you watch this on the newly acquired office telly.

17.00 Blue Peter
Of course, the BP competition winner does feature in the BBC’s World Cup titles – he’s heading the ball on the screen on the bottom left, just after the bullet train. And despite what clueless newspaper pundits would tell you, the Beeb are loads better than ITV this time round, of course, so they can all shut up. The tenuous reason for this billing is that today a lucky BP viewer gets coaching tips from Uncle Sven.

22.35 Jasper Carrott – Back To The Front
Wha…? We’re pretty sure that not only has this series been shown twice before, there’s also been an compilation as well. And he’s done all the material a hundred times, in any case. But here it is again, to fill up an awkward gap.


18.20 Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
Aren’t there a lot of episodes of this?

22.00 The Day Today
“Standing by, Douglas Hurd!” Couse last week we had Sorted!, which is the best sketch in the series, we reckon, but it got us pondering – we all know what Graham did next, but whatever happened to Crispin? Last time we saw him it was doing a few pieces for The O Zone back in 1996, and we think he might have also done stuff for MTV as well, but now he’s just completely disappeared. And we also remember reading in the terrible MTV magazine Blah Blah Blah in 1996 that Posh had him down as her sort of man. Anyone?


09.45 Carry On Laughing
Jesus! People wonder why ITV aren’t dominating the daytime schedules like they used to, and they should be directed towards this. How long until we get Santa Barbara, eh?

19.30 Coronation Street
Including the Triumphant Return Of Julie Goodyear! For a few weeks, anyway. Course when she left Corrie she did the Granada-only pilot The Julie Goodyear Talk Show, on a Friday at 10.40 in the middle of summer, and we remember the Sunday Mirror inviting readers in the North West to phone up and tell them what it was like. Which was “shite”, of course.

03.50 The Entertainers
Back again! Still no real clue about where this series comes from, but we were looking at a Radio Times from about ten years ago the other week (of course, we have them all on file in the office) and we noticed Yorkshire TV were showing it on a Sunday afternoon. So God only knows why it’s been dug out for the deaf. Oh, and it’s Nicholas Parsons.


09.00 Bewitched
Do we take it, then, that the schools programmes have finished for the summer…

09.30 I Dream Of Jeannie
I’d have thought so.

10.00 Les Girls
It’s a musical version of Rashomon! Ahem. It’s quite good though, with all the characters giving wildly different accounts of the same story for a libel trial. With Gene ‘Xanadu’ Kelly, Mitzi ‘South Pacific’ Gaynor, and Kay ‘London Town’ Kendall for your mum, and Leslie ‘Gluttony’ Phillips and Patrick ‘Professor Plocostomos’ MacNee for you.


11.00 TJ Hooker
Doesn’t look they’ll take this off for the summer, worse luck.


Welcome. Welcome to “Wall of Fact” three! Throughout the summer we’re bringing you five facts from your TV-viewing week. It’s back-to-back fact-to-facts! Now here’s Jeremy.

“It’s the day today (June 7) but in 1848 and a very famous French Post-Impressionist is born. Can you guess who he is? Yes, it was Paul Gauguin!”

Thanks Jeremy, fascinating as ever. We’ll see you next week? Yes… yes, we’ll see him next week. He’s nodding at me “yes”. Now, here’s those viewing-week related informationals.

1) Julie Goodyear is a prestigious smoker. In 1998 The Sunday Mirror reported that after staying overnight in a hotel “staff had to clean up over 60 cigarette-ends and ash left behind by chain-smoking Julie, in the overflowing ashtrays”. (Thanks to our friends at again this week!) Julie can be seen returning to CORONATION STREET on ITV1, Monday at 1930.

2) When Mrs Thatcher resigned on November 28, 1990, Richard Madeley was in a Jacuzzi in Florida with Judy. Richard and Judy can be seen on RICHARD AND JUDY on Channel 4, weekdays at 1700.

3) Simon MacCorkindale collects elephant figurines. Simon joins the cast of CASUALTY on BBC1, Saturday at 20.15. (Factxtra – Simon is married to actress Susan George, and has commented that now he’s joined Casualty he’ll be able to spend more time out of the house as the couple row furiously.)

4) Decorator Linda Barker’s favourite colour is “sluggy green”. She says “It’s a very dirty green!” Linda can be seen in CHANGING ROOMS on BBC1, Monday at 20.30.

5) The first episode of NEIGHBOURS in 1985 had a unique title sequence, which depicted Danny Ramsay returning to Ramsay Street on his bike after visiting the doctor. The subsequent regular titles as seen from the second episode onwards featured a part of this sequence. Similarly this first episode, whilst playing the Neighbours theme tune did not include Barry Crocker’s vocals. (Factxtra – A mournful piano rendition of theme has been used to close the programme after the death of Todd Landers, Jim Robinson and Helen Daniels. Hear it here:

We hope you enjoyed this week’s facts. We’ll be back again next week with more items that *factually* happened! Goodbye.

Tuesday 11th June


14.10 Just Good Friends
Oh, also today at 12.30 is the edition of Ready Steady Cook where Paul Daniels guests, so altogether now – “It’s a counterweighted door!” Oh, please yourselves.

22.35 Jasper Carrott – Back To The Front
And again! What we like about this programme is that Jasp announced that he had a ‘harder’, more confrontational stand-up style, inspired by people like Eddie Izzard, and in this programme he does the Hangman song again. Which we’ve never really got anyway.


18.20 TOTP2
Hard to single out just one crap thing about last week’s episodes – the fact that Tuesday’s episode was truncated somewhat and only contained five tracks, two of which were boringly new, or the ludicrous comment by Wright on Wednesday that “You’ve probably forgotten this!” referring to, er, World In Motion. Slade and Charlene are who we’re looking out for tonight.


09.00 Bewitched
09.30 I Dream Of Jeannie

02.35 The Rocking Horse Winner
Now, we’ve never seen this but the Radio Times gives it four stars, so… >From a story by DH Lawrence, no less, this concerns a boy given a rocking horse who can then, whilst riding it, predict winners of races. Bets are then placed but drama and tragedy ensue… probably. With John ‘second time this week’ Mills, Cyril ‘not that one’ Smith, Ronald ’80 Days’ Squire and Michael ‘Sammy’s Super T-Shirt’ Ripper. And did it provide the subplot for Carry On At Your Convenience? Hmmmm…

05.55 The Clangers
Come on, you’ll already be up to prepare for the England match.


11.00 TJ Hooker

Wednesday 12th June


14.10 Just Good Friends
You’ll all be in the pub anyway.

17.00 Blue Peter
So last week’s Jubilee Party was quite bizarre, most notably the bit where they all sang the National Anthem on stage. But David Dimbleby did throw over to Konnie, which is exactly what we wanted, so that’s OK.


18.20 TOTP2
Sam Fox is promised, but it’ll probably be Touch Me instead of the far superior Love House. Plus The The, Squeeze and Rupert Holmes. “To think I fell for this corn!”


09.25 Carry On Laughing
They can’t even keep it on the same time every day either.

03.45 ITV Sport Classics
Which will not involve Paul Gascoigne.


09.00 Bewitched
09.30 I Dream Of Jeannie

10.00 Seven Hills Of Rome
It’s getting a bit uncanny, this. Last week Channel Five screened Murder At The Gallop in accordance with the demands laid down by Creamguide’s Come On Channel Five! campaign but this week the torch seems to have been passed to Channel Four in order that they can fulfil the next step to weekday matinee heaven by screening this Mario Lanza number, also requested way back in March. Has Creamguide unwittingly fostered a period of rapprochement between the two channels? A blissful period of co-operation to slate every film requested before finally, joyously screening Alf’s Button Afloat with our banner ( on the cover of the TV Times sometime around Christmas? We can only hope so. In the meantime savour the entr�e prior to the main course (which is a bit rubbish actually, except for the bit where Mario impersonates all the big Italian singers in America, which is quite good).


11.00 TJ Hooker

Thursday 13th June


11.45 Neighbours
The 4000th episode, which we’re sure isn’t that much of an anniversary to celebrate. But there must surely be a ‘knowing’ reference to the first programme in there somewhere? Like a phone call to Charlene in “Brizzy”, or something.


06.50 What Have The Seventies Ever Done For Us?
Maybe we might actually watch it in this pre-Costa Rica vs Brazil slot.

01.50 What Have The Nineties Ever Done For Us?
Oh, and what are they doing on BBC2 when the Learning Zone apparently finishes at 7am but Breakfast doesn’t move over until 7.15? More unscheduled Parky clips? Tom and Jerry double bills? We dunno.


09.25 Carry On Laughing
Course last year we got What A Carry On on daytime BBC1 for a bit. Would anyone care to enlighten us as to how they differ? And indeed, how they both differ from Laugh With The Carry Ons, which also crops up occasionally.

15.30 The Adventures of Captain Pugwash
Children’s ITV seem to have stopped their ridiculous practice of the same shows every day and, indeed, the even more ridiculous practice of multiple episodes of the same show back to back, as we’ve been getting recently. Maybe we might even get some decent programmes at some point.


09.00 Bewitched

09.30 Little House On The Prairie
Killing time before the test match starts. Of course, we don’t recommend keeping an eye out for rain-delayed cricket anymore because whenever they show an old Countdown now it’s a 45-minuter, and, to be honest, we don’t really like them. They really have ruined this programme, y’know.


11.00 TJ Hooker

21.00 The Godfather
Little known vehicle for Sterling ‘9 to 5′ Hayden.

Friday 14th June


14.10 Just Good Friends

16.35 S Club 7: Don’t Stop Movin’
Now, remember that timeslot…

21.30 Blackadder The Third
Before that is a rerun of the final series of One Foot In The Grave, which we didn’t think deserved a billing of it’s own because it’s too new, but does, we feel, justify some sort of mention. Even though now it appears to have taken over the whole of Blackadder’s billing in any case. Er… of course the episode with Geoffrey Perkins in will get a special mention here, cos it’s like having KYTV back on again.

22.35 Jim Davidson Falklands Bound
Altogether now – “Unfortunately he’s coming back!” It’s the triumphant return of Jim Davidson’s Falklands Special, where he visits the islands, looks at how life has changed since he was there last, and does some shit stand-up for Our Boys. However, is this really any more objectionable than Jonathan Ross’ programme, which has thankfully finished for now.

01.25 The Devil Rides Out
Stand-in-film-bloke’s Pick Of The Week (yes, above The Godfather, that doesn ‘t have Christopher Lee in it) with an adaptation of Dennis Wheatley’s novel starring the aforementioned Lee as the brilliantly named Duc de Richleu – they don’t make names like that anymore – trying to save Patrick ‘England’ Mower from himself and Charles ‘Jump To The Left’ Gray. And with Paul ‘timing’ Eddington in the supporting cast I say to thee, go hence from the pub and cast thyself through the darkness of the walk home. Appear! Appear! In front of the telly to watch this and… sorry.


09.25 Carry On Laughing
God alone knows what may be in this slot next week, as we get stuck in with Schedule A and Schedule B, which is always fun. And in ITV’s case, Schedule C, which is normally just Schedule B fifteen minutes later.

16.35 S Club 7: Back To The Fifties
For Christ’s sake! Both this and the simultaneous Beeb show have been on loads of times before, indeed the BBC one is a rerun of a series that finished on The Saturday Show just last week, and got a repeat on Sunday mornings at the same time. Meanwhile this has been on a thousand times, buit if we’re going to pick our favourite, we’ll choose Don’t Stop Movin’ because there’s a chance we’ll hear You, which is a truly brilliant record. And yes, we’re being serious.

22.00 TV’s Naughtiest Blunders 2
We also genuinely mean it when we recommend this Penk-fronted programme, because as we said last week it’s just non-stop out-takes from a whole variety of programmes, many of a Creamy nature. This one includes two cracking Bullseye cock-ups (“Press the pissin’ button!” and “What does the bullseye get when he hits the dart bollocks I’ve messed it up…”) as well as, yes, eggy pumps, but it’s been re-edited to 45 minutes so they may have been cut out.


06.00 The Magic Roundabout

09.00 Bewitched

09.30 Little House On The Prarie
They tend not to show Fifteen To One, either.

03.15 There’s a Girl In My Soup
Peter Sellers is Robert Danvers, a vain, rotten telly personality not too unlike Wee Sonny MacGregor from The Naked Truth. Unfortunately, unlike The Naked Truth this is pretty poor. Goldie Hawn giggles along and they go on holiday and she remakes him and he becomes a nice person and um-tiddly-ido tra-la-la. However, Tony ‘cravat in Sainsbury’s’ Britton, Diana ‘it come from Cecil Gee’s’ Dors and – hooray! – Marianne Stone are all on hand to lift the gloom. Don’t wait up. Ha!


11.00 TJ Hooker

02.40 Looker
“If Looks Could Kill!” “A confused and ineffective modification of a theme handled in The Stepford Wives, done with neither flair nor imagination” it says here. We quite like it though. Albert Finney and James Coburn star in a tale of models having had plastic surgery then turning up dead all over the place. Nasty corporate shenanigans and a character called ‘Moustache Man’ make it worth a ‘looker’ (do you see?), putting it on in the middle of the night doesn’t.

05.10 Sons and Daughters
Shame I haven’t gone on holiday, isn’t it?


All the time, more or less
World Cup Interactive – It’s worth looking around the stuff you get when you press the red button – and yes, even long-suffering digital terrestrial viewers get it – because sometimes they fling on all sorts of stuff when they’ve run out of matches to replay. Hence in the past seven days we’ve had full repeats of England vs Argentina from 1986, Italy vs Brazil from 1982, England vs Brazil from 1970 (“The views now of Joe Mercer”) and, best of all, World Cup Match Of The Week from 1966. Unfortunately they’ll probably be replaced by matches from 2002 this week.

Monday, 23.00
When Louis Met Keith Harris And Orville In Panto – Perhaps the first rerun for this amiable episode which is worth it to see Keith on The Black And White Minstrel Show in 1978. And he comes over as quite a nice bloke, students.

Wednesday, 23.00
Alistair McGowan’s Big World Cup – Not really part of our ‘remit’, perhaps, but the boss is away and this is the best thing Alistair’s ever done, including as it does impressions of Robbie Earle, Alan Green and Ray Stubbs. And a Faithless-style remix of the theme tune, too.

Saturday, 22.00
Banzai Jubilee Special – Surprised the papers dodn’t make anything of the Psychic Diana Doll sketch in this, where they use her to ascertain whether the Queen and Prince Philip are still at it. It’s funnier than we’re making it sound, honest.

Friday, 22.00
Takeover TV – This probably isn’t, though.

Saturday, 18.30, 00.00
The Kenny Everett Television Show – And a week after we complain about the rescheduling, it returns to its old slot. Do we have that much influence?

Monday-Friday, 20.30, 23.30
In Sickness And In Health – Seemingly not, because Bullseye’s been dropped! You bastards. In its place, something we’re not crazy about, although Chas and Dave’s theme tune will always remain a joy. Especially the bit where Alf says “Bloody poorer, that’s a fact!” because we love characters joining in with the themes on TV Shows.

Sunday, 00.35, Friday, 23.40
A Bit Of Fry and Laurie – “Road-widening scheme? Country-narrowing scheme, I said. Think about it. Hmm? Hmm?”

Monday-Thursday, 23.30
The Kenny Everett Television Show – “Sorry about the ‘F’ in fog!”

Monday-Thursday, 00.05
Monty Python’s Flying Circus – If you have the slightest idea what episodes these are, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Saturday, 00.00, Sunday, 21.00
Pop Years – Repeat of 1987 on Saturday, and anything that has the Curiosity Killed The Cat Misfit video in must be judged highly, as must a show that digs out videos by Stock Aitken & Waterman, Mental As Anything, Oran ‘Juice’ Jones and Ferry Aid, as well as MARRS miming scratching on what looked like The Tube. There were downsides – Josie d’Arby, Kerry Katona commenting that “people say Pete Waterman’s crap, and he isn’t – everything he’s touched has been a hit”, spoken like a true girl band member, and also a clip of Rick Astley’s new video, in which he appears to have become Ronan Keating. John Aizlewood, incidentally, handled script matters, and just a reference to the Pet Shop Boys’ “imperial phase” gave it away. 1991 on Sunday.

Sunday, 23.35
The Jasper Carrott Trial – Also watch out for Stand Up With Alan Davies (Saturday, 03.55, UK Gold) and Canned Carrott (Sunday, 21.00, G+), all of which will feature Jasper doing the same material as he’s doing on Back To The Front.

Monday-Friday, 20.20
The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin – And finally we get series two, just two and a half years after BBC2 should have shown it.

Oh, you know – correct at time of writing, England except where stated.
We don’t care if you talk about your favourite British wrestlers websites – which four people had an opinion on earlier in the week – just post something to The Creamguide Office section of Ask The Family, the TV Cream message board, because we always get disappointed when there’s nothing there. Go to and click on Long Shots, after you’ve subscribed to The TV Cream Update, of course. Next week in Creamguide, all the fun and excitement of alternative schedules.
Up For The Cup – Chris Hughes, Ian Jones, Simon Tyers



  1. Glenn Aylett

    June 8, 2022 at 7:14 pm

    The 2002 World Cup, possibly the weirdest World Cup ever for kick off times. Not often you’d drive past a pub at 8.00 in the morning and see punters wandering in for a few pints and football. Also the weather was excellent that June, which helped, and there was a Jubilee to cheer people up. These days pubs open at 8.00 in the morning tend to be those catering to hardened alcoholics in urban areas, or people wanting a cheap Wetherspoons breakfast while waiting for a coach to take them on holiday.

  2. Richardpd

    June 8, 2022 at 10:32 pm

    In 2002 my Boss let us have time off to watch England’s matches when they were on week days.

  3. Glenn Aylett

    June 13, 2022 at 6:36 pm

    @ Richardpd, I got an extra two hours off for working through England v Argentina, being a complete football non fan, which meant two hours more in the sun for me.
    Also looking at Bet Lynch in this photo sort of reminds me how another soap pub regular became, Sharon Watt/ Mitchell/ Rickman whatever. Letitia Dean has to an extent modelled her look on Julie Goodyear’s Bet Lynch, blonde, provocatively dressed, high heels, and has the similarly loud, tarty personality. Indeed from the episode where she tries to seduce Lofty in the bar when she was 17( do you like suspenders, Lofty), you could see where Sharon’s character would go.

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