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Cream over Britain

The TV Cream Commemorative Royal Wedding Airship o’er Wrexham (or ‘Wrecsam’)!

All set for a smashing night out in Wrexham!

Noswaith dda!

Noswaith dda, Wrecsam!Thanks, everyone, who’s been following our regal sky procession so far, and joining in all the fun – and it has been fun – on Twitter. Today, we’ve literally been to Hull and back, before heading yonder o’er Cleethorpes, ATV Land and on into Wales.

But did you spot us during our travails? Well, these three TVC readers reckoned they did! They all dropped a – what DotComedy used to call – ‘funny JPEG’ in the email to us on Let’s have a look shall we?

Smiles out

Hector M Darky thinks he saw us o'er the smoking factories of Glasgow. Pluming heck!

Just up the road from The Phoenix

'AndrewCollingsFan' from London, we feel, isn't really trying hard enough.

Next stop, verdant Shepherd's Bush!

Helen J Wallace says she spotted the blimp in West London.

Better luck next time, everyone! Now, here’s another ‘audio mini-report’ to bring you up to speed with our progress, and to prepare you for Friday’s TV Cream’s Right Royal Scene podcast!


You can also download it from here.

Hwyl fawr!

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