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We accept The Apprentice doesn’t fall into TVC’s remit. However, we’re suckers for business bullshitting no matter what the decade. So let’s, together, enjoy one of the tangential pleasures the series offers up every year, and poke around some of the contestants self-aggrandizing websites!

NB: Alas no Stuart Baggs The, as far as we can see…

Alex Epstein - inspired?Alex Epstein

The unblinking Unemployed Head of Communications comes equipped with Alex Epstein – Ideas and Inspiration for growing businesses . When it comes to Creating Buzz, he says: “I have a lot of opinions about what makes a good business and what makes a successful brand. I canʼt share them all as Iʼd be writing for a very long time – and weʼd have nothing to talk about if we ever met for a cup of tea or coffee!” Well, we could talk about your GCSE results…

Christopher Farrell - currently under investigation for, ahem, Farrell playChristopher Farrell

Now, colour us unimpressed. Christopher Farrell Official Site doesn’t smack of class. With a main image lifted from the BBC website (ahem), complete with extraneous background bit of grey, there’s not a whole lot of love here. What can we learn about Christopher? “A keen golfer, Chris is also committed to health and fitness and claims to be ‘focused and driven’. Check back for weekly updates on Christopher during the series…” Hooray!

Joy Stefanicki-nack-nooJoy Stefanicki

“Oh man!” The Marketing Strategist’s Joyous Communications (do you see what she did there?) boasts – groo –  a welcome page before you get to the good stuff. “With passion, compassion & and a can-do attitude Joyous Communications will ensure that you are getting maximum value and return from your marketing budget”. Plus, there’s her blog: “Marriage is like a pack of cards. You start with two hearts and a diamond. By the end you want a club and a spade.” LOL!

Laura Moore - we've done the gag in the copy actuallyLaura Moore

… broke my heart, now I’m waiting for you. Sorry, she hasn’t got a website. We just wanted to do that.

Paloma Vivanco - hyper achiever at largePaloma Vivanco

To Twitter for short, timely messages from the sanguine Senior Marketing Manager, including aspirational despatches (“Meetings done- now time for ipanema beach!!!!!”), business insight (“Exclusivity can be great but when you may have other options on the table for that day it is too ‘pre-mature’ to rush into any one agreement”), more business insight (“Microsoft launches 10 new phones today… But will they ever be able compete with Apple & Blackberry?”) and… living the dream! (“Phantom of the Opera tonight – can’t wait always wanted to go”)

Raleigh saying somethingRaleigh Addington

No sarky comments here – that would be shameful – just a link to Raleigh’s bit on the Tickets for Troops website.

Sandeesh Samra - who she?Sandeesh Samra

Similarly, horribly sane stylings from the hiding-behind-manufacturing Sandeesh’s company website Hunt Pharma (“Hunting for exceptional talent” – aren’t we all?). A bit of Google fun reveals she had the site built by some outfit called Toolkit whom she’s very happy with. To whit: “I never felt like I was being sold to or promised things that would never materialise. I was kept updated and assisted throughout the design process and am thrilled with the resulting website!” As are we!

Stella English!Stella English

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Huge JP

    October 22, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    I love the insight shown in Christopher’s site. On the last episode: “When Melissa and her fellow pitcher arrived to assist with the process, Christopher ensured they were fully briefed about how to proceed”. Christ, only the juiciest gossip here!

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