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TV Cream’s Puzzle Trail: Clue 4

For the next few weeks TV Cream is running its biggest competition yet: a puzzle trail set in Television Centre to find a mysterious valuable object.

Each day a new clue will be posted on the site that reveals the grid reference of a square on our map in which the treasure is not hidden. As the days go by you’ll be able to cross off squares until there are just two left – at which point the final clue will be revealed, and you’ll be in with a chance of winning a slew of prizes, including a complete set of TV Cream tie-in books.

Today’s clue is presented by a double act who popped into TVC Towers earlier today, albeit through completely different entrances and in the presence of completely different attorneys.


– Hello, this is Eddie!

– Hello, this is Syd!

– And we’re here to furnish you with today’s Puzzle Trail clue.

– That’s right.

– Because we’ve got all the answers, haven’t we Syd?

– Well, only one of them, Eddie…

– [interrupting] Talking of answers, here’s a tip for any husbands out there. Remember, sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. YES is the answer!

– Come on Eddie, don’t lower the tone…

– That’s not lowering the tone Syd, if you want to know about lowering the tone, I just read that Ronnie Corbett’s had his pocket picked. Now that’s what I call stooping low!

– I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, we…

– [interrupting] They named a holiday after my sex life.

– Oh really.

– Yes. It’s called Passover!

– Ladies and gentlemen, today’s clue is quite simple.

– [interrupting] Courtesy of a man who’s quite simple!

– It is this. In the opening titles of our Saturday night BBC1 show, animated versions of Eddie and I would be seen parachuting into Television Centre…

– [interrupting] No expense spared!

– …landing in the middle of the circular courtyard, just to the left of that giant ornate receptacle.

– [interrupting] Or Bill Cotton’s sherry glass, as I prefer to call it.

– The treasure is not in that square.

– And good luck, all of you!

– Now Eddie, what about that offer of a four-week reunion run in Seaton Carew this September?

– Syd, if you’ve got to work for an idiot, you might as well work for yourself. B-bye!

– Goodbye everyone!

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