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TV Cream’s Puzzle Trail: Clue 21

Today’s clue, which is all about paper, is brought to you in association with a man whose life was all about paper – though we should point out that, even though we talk about his career in the past tense, he’s not dead.

Yup, Derek Jameson is still with us, but we can’t make any jokes about him because he’s threatened to sue TV Cream like he did with the BBC in the 1980s, a court action that resulted in “40 years of my life down the drain”. But as we know he subsequently he “fought his way back” with “one hell of a story – and it’s only in The Sun”.

Anyway, here’s today’s clue, which has nothing to do with Derek Jameson or his alleged spectacular sense-of-humour bypass.


The next square to cross off your Puzzle Trail map is the one that shares its name with the most ubiquitous size of paper in the whole world.

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