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TV Cream’s Puzzle Trail: Clue 18

The square you need to cross off your Puzzle Trail map today involves a bit of semantic chicanery, courtesy of the late and limescented Frank Muir:


“Dear reader, let me share with you a short lesson I learned when in the employ of dear old Auntie BBC.

I once got into a terrible stew when arranging to meet with my dear friend Joan Bakewell for a spot of lunch.

I arrived early at the restaurant – the 300 Spartans on Shepherd’s Bush Green – and informed the head waiter that my dining companion was on her way.

“Oh?” he sniffed. “Where from?”

“BBC Television Centre,” I replied.

“How could they have done, she’s not here yet,” said the waiter.

“I’m sorry?” I responded, a little perplexed. “I know she’s not here yet, that’s what I told you.”

“So where is she?”

“BBC Television Centre.”

“No they haven’t!”

Thus our conversation continued rather circuitously. Finally I realised the source of the misunderstanding. Or perhaps in the head waiter’s case, the sauce of the misunderstanding, for he was clearly three sheets to the wind.

I vowed to choose my words a little more carefully in future.

And as such I warn you on your puzzle trail that, quite simply, you should steer well clear of the centre.

Or rather, the CENTRE.

Good night and god bless.”

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