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TV Cream’s Puzzle Trail: Clue 14

The grid reference of the next square you’ll need to cross off your Puzzle Trail map comes courtesy of a man who knows a bit or two about deception as mainstream entertainment. Oh, and delivering apocalyptically bad news.


“Hello, Mike Aspel here.

“I’ve just broken off from announcing the end of the world to take a look through more of your letters and requests.

“Seems like a few of you are wondering if I can be of any help in the great TV Cream Puzzle Trail.

“Well, I can. You see, I know all about television. I’ve been on it, in front of it, behind it, on top of it, goodness, even between it. And I can tell you this Puzzle Trail has nothing to do with it. That’s right, this Puzzle Trail has nothing to do with television. TELEVISION. Got that?

Great! Goodbye – and good luck!”

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