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A press release arrives at TV Cream from, bearing news that “legendary Broadcaster [sic] and five times Sony Award winning DJ, David ‘Kid’ Jensen, celebrates a milestone in British Broadcasting [sic] this year with an amazing 40 years service in the industry.”

It’s not clear why it’s been sent round today, given the actual anniversary is “on the 26th November”. Still, it’s always good to have a reason for looking back at Dave’s life and “the bands he’s met along the way”.

One of them appears to be somebody called “Gary Newman”. Apparently this person achieved great success and had a number of hit records. Ditto “Marc Bowlan”.

The press release also mentions a few “legendary broadcasters” Dave has worked with down the years, “such as the late and great Kenny Everet”. There’s also a list of the Kid’s “contemporaries still working in radio today”, including “Emperor Roscoe”. Sybil seems to be doing alright for herself, then.

Finally we’re treated to a couple of anecdotes from the man himself, including one concerning a guitarist called “Jimmy Hendrix”. There’s also a rundown of some of Dave’s TV work, which makes no mention of The Roxy whatsoever, but does acknowledge “the first 3 annual Brit Awards (known as the British Rock and Pop Awards)”.


Notes to the Editor:

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Steve Williams

    October 6, 2008 at 6:48 pm

    Of course, the master of this sort of thing is, of course, Media Guardian, who in a piece a few years back on Top of the Pops, announced that one of the most legendary performances was by “Lenny Hendrix”. With his hit, Hey Jooooooe-kay, presumably.

    Anyway, good for Kid Jensen, I’ve always liked him. Sorry, that should of course read Kidd Jensun.

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