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Welcome to the new TV Cream website!

"If it's true history repeats itself, where are those 1950 prices? As I said to my wife..."Well, it’s wonderful to be with you again. We like to think of this website as a sort of Sixty Minutes to the old TV Cream’s Nationwide – only good. And fun. And witty, literate, informed, agreeable and something you’d want to spend more than sixty seconds (never mind sixty minutes) of your life with.

In fact the only way this site is similar to Sixty Minutes is that they’ve both been launched upon a unblinking public half-finished. Except we hide it a bit better. No shots of an LWT contract-bound Sarah Kennedy sitting in a booth in a separate studio waving at the camera because “I’m afraid I can’t join you all just yet”. Oh no. Sarah’s here all right. Actually, is that such a good thing after all?

Anyway, even though Sarah’s present, and Bob too, and a blacked-up Benny Hill dressed as a woman and Brucie standing by a giant portrait of his own face and Lionel Blair whispering something into the ear of an appalled Kenneth Williams and Bruno Brookes with Pudsey Bear and Wogan being assailed from all sides by all quarters, this site is still a work in progress and hence you’ll find bits are missing.

For instance, only about three-quarters of the A-Z is here. The blog, an import of an import, is rather awry format-wise. There’s nothing in the Films section, hardly anything in the Telly section, and so on. There’s also a forum which is very much in a Dr Who Kamelion-type state: a good idea in practice but tricky to make a reality and something that keeps changing its appearance unexpectedly.

Rest assured, though, that all these things will be resolved. Missing entries will appear, formatting will be corrected, much-loved features will be restored and never-loved features will be junked.

Feel free to wander unescorted through this new site and leave comments wherever and whenever you choose. If you want the full A-Z and everything else, that’s still all to be found on the original site.

In the meantime, have patience during this delicate period of transition, one we hope will be more like Anthea Redfern to Isla St Clair and less like Anneka Rice to Annabel Croft.

This new website will be finished soon. Honest. As a great philosopher once said, ‘Nice guys finish last’. Or was it a great nymphomaniac?

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