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Hound of the Baskervilles, The

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Not the Hammer production, or the pre-“let’s get silly” period Rathbone-Bruce original, but a mid-’80s version with Ian Richardson and Donald ‘Spooner’s Patch’ Churchill as the investigative companions, plus Denholm ‘I like the noughts particularly’ Elliott, Glynis ‘Major! Can’t you see I’m undressing?’ Barber, Brian ‘Dive!’ Blessed, Eleanor ‘Prick!’ Bron, Martin ‘Oh I see, we’re going to be the elastoplast, are we?’ Shaw and Connie ‘She doesn’t mean any arm’ Booth.

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Goodnight and God Bless

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DONALD “SPOONER” CHURCHILL mugs and frugs to high heaven as a HUGHIE GREEN-esque shagging, cheating bastard game show host.

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Spooner’s Patch

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BENT COPPERCOM which lingered for a while at the turn of the decade in spite of iffy plots, endless strikes and equally numerous cast changes including the corrupt eponymous inspector regenerating from RONALD FRASER to DONALD “GOODNIGHT AND GOD BLESS” CHURCHILL between series one and two. RAY “SIMPSON” GALTON and JOHNNY “GARNETT” SPEIGHT wrote it, not always in the same room.

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