Tee-Vee Cream!

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To a tee!
Well, here’s a happy scene!

And it’s all because TV Cream has decided to launch a clothing line. Well, kind of.

Actually, what we have been doing is creating a load of t-shirt designs which you can now purchase through Red Bubble. (That explains the unwelcome Flash widget that’s appeared in the site’s sidebar, advertising not only our designs but also the work of Twitter sensation Steve Berry)

Below, you can find a sample of our wares (or, chortles, wears!), which include tributes to Record Breakers, Look and Read, Dr Who, Lymeswold cheese…

NB. Our Baldwin’s Casuals-style workplace is currently putting together a Glens, Hutchison, Robertson and Stepek t-shirt. But we’ll take requests!

Some of the range of exciting new TV Cream t-shirts!

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3 responses to “Tee-Vee Cream!”

  1. Chris Orton says:

    Chaps, loving the T-shirts! If you’re after any more images I have vectorised stacks of idents! You should see my ‘Give Us A Clue’ or my ‘Windmill’…

  2. Nicholas Green says:

    Lovely t-shirts….but not cheap……

  3. gman says:

    Brilliant shirts, good to see Fuss Pot again. Now how about a Faceache or Sweeny Toddler t-shirt?

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