Ray Alan, RIP

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OK, so a few turns on Celebrity Squares and 3-2-1 would allow for the usual brilliant schtick. But Give Us A Clue? How did that work?

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4 responses to “Ray Alan, RIP”

  1. ExtremelyCreamy says:

    I remember some old dear complaining about Ray Alan on cartoon carnival using the word “arse” on a children’s program, as it was not long after ITV edited Ghost Busters (seemingly with boxing gloves on) to take out the little bit of Bill Murry using the word “ass”.

  2. He was always saying “silly arse” on Cartoon Carnival! And I wanted to scream every time Ray Alan read out a viewer’s letter saying “Let’s see more Mr Magoo”. Still, that was no fault of his own. He was and always will be a signifier of happier sights from more innocent times.

  3. grimwig says:

    For my money one of the best ventriloquists of all time, not in terms of technical skill, but in terms of sheer entertainment. If anyone had thought, him and his lordship would have been so good as an end of season host of HIGNFY. Paul Merton would have been in raptures.

    In more creamy territory, he did write for a variety of comics, and his lord charles voice was appropriated by roy hudd for his denis thatcher ‘impersonation’ on news huddlines.

    RIP you silly arse

  4. Enoch Sneed says:

    A class act if ever there was one. Ray Alan wasn’t just a brilliant ventriloquist, Lord Charles was a great comic creation (note how he ‘aged’ over the years with greying hair). I also remember Alan doing a routine interviewing the studio microphone about all the great stars it had worked with. RIP indeed.

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