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Seemingly never-ending ‘improving’ sci-fi saga of dubious scientific veracity from the pen of Nicholas Fisk, concerning futuristic boarding-school children who go off exploring space on a whim. Phenomenally popular, especially with present-buying relatives who’d heard that you liked ‘space’, but in truth little more than a traditional children’s adventure yarn with a couple of ‘meteorites’ bolted on for good measure and of scant use to anyone who’d been suckered by the imaginative flair of The Tomorrow People.


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  1. johnnyboy says:

    I don’t remember this at all! Which channel was it on? 1980 would’ve been my zenith for kidz tv, but obviously this has passed me by.

  2. I_Got_Ham_But_Im_Not_A_Hamster says:

    It’s a book. Nicholas Fisk wrote loads of sci-fi books in the 80s, including A Rag, a Bone and a Hank of Hair and Grinny. Our primary school Book Club had to read both of them. Quite passable sci-fi.

  3. Richard Davies says:

    I rememer reading The Space Hostages (it was also adapted as a play script) & Trillions.

    Both fairly interesting & sometimes creepy I seem to remember.

  4. Jill Phythian says:

    I read a few of these and enjoyed them at the time. The first volume has a rather grim ending that makes it look like they’re all doomed, and it took me ages to find a library copy of the next book to find out that they escaped. “Glory, glory, glory,” as the followers of the Octopus Emperor chillingly intone…

  5. Rob Free says:

    It did actually end up on TV but not as a conventional series. It was read out weekly by Tom Baker on Book Tower.

  6. Fiona conor says:

    Yes it was on and I was 13 and played the girl VAWN the irish girl in space…what a fab time i had with yorkshire television and with the other space kids… x wish i could find the series as we did not have a video recorder. x

  7. I LOVED these books. I’ve still got all 5.

    Fiona – I remember watching it and wishing Id played Ispex!

  8. Drew Wagar says:

    I’ve got all the books and remember catching one episode of this ‘accidently’ on TV back in the 80s. Would love to see it again, but can’t find it anywhere – it was hard enough getting the books from ebay. Loved it when I was a kid. It’s a bit silly to read now, but put on the rose-tinted glasses and you’re back in the 80s! :) I’ll stick a note on my blog…

  9. Scott says:

    I remember reading these and loved them as a kid and yes there definitely was at least a few TV episodes, I remember watching them. Impressive that Fiona Conor (previous poster above) was the actress who played Vawn – well that proves I’m not having false memories :) Wish I could find them too but the Yorkshire TV archives would be the only place that might have them now.

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