‘Words’ by FR David

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HAPLESS mirror-shaded Gallic ‘soft-synth’ rumination on the difficulty of expressing emotion through the medium of, well, ‘words’. They don’t come easy, apparently. Seemingly taken a lot more seriously on the continent – witness his track-long miming on a white Stratocaster despite there being barely any guitar to speak of, and his positioning in front of a psychedelic backdrop (doubtless the result of someone, as Europeans are wont to do, declaring that it sounded ‘just like The Beatles’) – but embraced over here (via exposure on a short-lived Top Of The Pops ‘Euro’ slot) for endearing hopelessness to near-chart-topping extremes, memorably dubbed ‘The Multi-Talented FR David’ by John Peel, and equally memorably given nought out of ten in a Smash Hits album review. Follow up single, Music (which, it should be noted, he had already claimed did come easy to him), predictably flopped, but we will never forget.


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6 responses to “‘Words’ by FR David”

  1. Applemask says:

    Actually a Frenchman.

  2. Is that not what “Gallic” invariably means?

  3. A Smash Hits letter-writer also pointed out that David’s singing voice bore a striking similarity to the voice of Secret Squirrel’s sidekick, Morocco Mole.

  4. Richard Davies says:

    My Dad has a compilation of 1 hit wonders (used very loosely) which features this & I Am The Beat.

  5. Glenn A says:

    Surely those of us of a certain age can remember about ten years earlier when Gilbert Becaud scored a big hit with A Little Love and Understanding, sung in a rather comical French accent with an orchestral backing. I am ze voice on your transistor radio, ho, ho, ho.

  6. Morgan says:

    Always known as the Constipation Song in our house “….turds don’t come easy to me.” I’m here all week ladies and gentlemen, no really, I am.

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