‘That Same Old Feeling’ by Pickettywitch

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ITV LUNCHTIME-ALIKE pop-soul-psych hybrid expertly bridging the gap between Glam Rock and whatever the big pop thing before Glam Rock was. All turn-of-the-decade eyes were on slinkily-large-belted and glittery-eyeshadowed lead singer Polly Browne – even despite the distracting ridiculousness of The Bloke One’s hairstyle – and despite sinking without trace not soon afterwards with only a handful of minor follow-up hits to their modishly Wiccan-tinted name, the enduring appeal of this ode to vandalising trees in the name of love and ‘doing things’ in cottages ensures they remain one of the best remembered pop acts of the entire decade; not least by Dave Lee Travis and Adrian Juste, who were forever cueing up this platter as an official start to a tear-wiping Bank Holiday personal odyssey into the popular beat depths of ‘the seventies’. And no, despite what you may have been assured by that bloke who’s always by the photocopier at work, Polly Browne did not later develop an allergy to ‘modern’ and have to live in a Travolta-esque plastic bubble.


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5 responses to “‘That Same Old Feeling’ by Pickettywitch”

  1. Five-Centres says:

    I’m a huge fan. There’s something exeptionally early 70s, despite it actually being made in the early 70s, about cottages in songs.

    I like Polly’s Up In A Puff Of Smoke too. Nice voice, shame she vanished.

  2. Adrian says:

    “..whatever the big pop thing before Glam Rock was.”

    A sort of poppy folk music I guess, attempting to bridge the hiatus between the Beatles breaking up and the advent of Glam Rock in 71/72..

  3. Kevin says:

    Pure gold – and Polly Brown(e)is still recording 40 years later – http://www.pollybrowne.com

  4. Glenn A says:

    I am sure there was a rumour going around in the nineties that the male singer out of Pickettywitch and a successor to Polly Brown were living in poverty in my home town in Whitehaven. It must have been around 11 years ago when a decrepit looking man and woman in their sixties were pointed out to me in the pub as being former Pickettywitch members. As this was a group whose career ended around 1972 and who would be unrecognisable to most people, it’s more believable than a member of Slade living locally.

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