Barratt Homes

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Building firms don’t tend to make memorable adverts, but Barratt’s long-lived 1970s campaign, in which a helicopter zoomed over the majestic expanses of link detached residences on Orchard Mews and Fairview Drive struck a chord. This was down to the none-more-actorly voice of the chopper’s passenger, Patrick Allen. His rich tones (even his voice seemed to wear a cravat) somehow imbued the mundane talk of double garages and double glazing with the stamp of fruity authority. Point of confusion: Allen also voiced the infamous Protect and Survive nuclear fallout films – did that mean a Barratt home could survive a ten megaton attack?


3 responses to “Barratt Homes”

  1. Sarah Hall says:

    My dad worked for them for a while.

  2. Nick says:

    Jerzey Balowski: “We don’t need to use some old actor flying upside-down in a helicopter to sell you a Jerzey home.”

  3. Glenn Aylett says:

    My dad was a quantity surveyor( before my parents split up in 1973) for Barratts and got a preferential deal on a three bedroomed Barratt house in Crawcrook, County Durham, on the sort of housing estate Bob Ferris would feel at home. It did seem that Lawrie Barratt was rapidly taking over every small village and bit of green land in the Newcastle commuter belt to build his ranks of semis and bungalows that people aspired to around 1972.

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