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Wide Awake Club, The

ANTISOCIALLY-TIMED SATURDAY morning child rambunctions and the first proper “hit” kids show to come out of Eggcup Towers. TOMMY BOYD, JAMES BAKER and ARABELLA WARNER were your initial hosts, latterly joined by the delightful MICHAELA STRACHAN and the hateful TIMMY MALLETT. Features included the News In 90 Seconds, recipes from viewers in WAC Snax, historical tales re-enacted with knowing amateurishness in Ghosts, Monsters and Legends, and Talent on the Telly giving airtime to attention-seeking adolescents. MIKE MYERS showed up towards the end to do the Sound Asleep Club. Weekday school holiday spin-off WACADAY was Mallett’s fiefdom, graced by such compulsively awful addictive shlock as Mallett’s Mallet and also Bonk’n’Boob, surely the only kids game show in history to boast not one but two suggestive words in the title. Whole franchise somehow got sunk during TV-am’s industrial strife of 1988, with a couple of subsequent “relaunches” under suspiciously contract-dodging names (WIDE AWAKE, WAC ’90) a poor epilogue.



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