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Tottering Tales

BIZARRO VARIATION on the perennial children’s serial theme of “kids help residents of a stately home to stop it being pulled down”, except ultra-weird, in the manner of a junior Sir Henry At Rawlinson End. WILLIAM “ALL GAS AND GAITERS” MERVYN was the 43rd Duke of Tottering, a deerstalker-clad aristo-nut who went about inventing hovering scooters, talking suits of armour and similar oddities, usually with less than 100% success. Also present were PATSY ROWLANDS as “Miss Twitty”, SAM “ORLANDO” KYDD as “Bertie Bogmoss” and ROBERT “KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY” GILLESPIE as “Joe the Creep”. Though intended to be a comedy, the authentic gloomy atmosphere scared the shit out of many a tottering tot.

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