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Tomorrow People, The

CREAKY BUT fondly remembered ITV kids sci-fi staple, tons better than TIMESLIP but still blessed with the inevitable posh kids/plot preposterousness double whammy. A clump of telepathic teens become Earth’s first “ambassadors” to the Galatic Empire, in the process helping to avoid alien attack, stellar warfare and the like, thanks mostly to their uber-minds and ability to “jaunt” – teleport – from place to place. Given ultra-70s brand name: homo superiors. Hampered by appalling fashion taste, dubious adolescent moralising and obligatory “super computer” aka a talking flashing box called TIM. Evil shape-changing robot Jedikiah made bother for a while. Among the jaunters were NICHOLAS YOUNG (John), PETER VAUGHAN-CLARKE (Stephen), SAMMIE WINMILL (Carol), STEVE SALMON (Kenny), ELIZABETH ADARE (er, Elizabeth) and MIKE BELL off of Flintlock, briefly-fashionably teen boppers (er, Mike). PETER DUNCAN showed up as a gladiator, NICHOLAS LYNDHURST as a stormtrooper, KEITH CHEGWIN as a rebel and PETER DAVIDSON as an alien whose idea of earth culture has been entirely shaped by old TV westerns. Got steadily worse over the years, ending up with plots involving Hitler being reincarnated as a slug and the world being saved from an attack of balloons by the common cold. 1990s remake found Todd off of NEIGHBOURS one of the new brood, and was actually quite good.



  1. Joanne Gray

    February 27, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    Despite the bargain basement sfx, this show was excellently gripping and had one of the best theme tunes ever.

  2. David Smith

    February 28, 2017 at 10:30 pm

    The ’90s remake featured one Naomie “Moneypenny”/”Moonlight” Harris…

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