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Do try this at homeCAMP SONGS and stories for the under-12s, masterminded by incomparable BRIAN CANT. Other participants included all your ‘SCHOOL regulars plus a few guests: TONI ARTHUR, JULIE STEVENS, CAROL CHELL, ANNE-MARIE HACKETT, TONY ROBINSON, JEREMY IRONS, JULIE COVINGTON, ANITA DOBSON, NERYS HUGHES et al. Musical director and leader of the Play Away Players was your man JOHNATHAN COHEN. It really didn’t matter if it was raining, or indeed if it was fine. Just as long as you had time.

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  1. Eric Atwell

    June 23, 2013 at 10:57 pm

    I’d LOVE to see the Latin episode, when Brian Cant and crew played Roman soldiers (marching sinister dexter sinister dexter) abd ended singing the theme song in Latin… It inspired me to study languages, and eventually to become a professor of language at Leeds University. But how can I find this classic episode?

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