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Perils of Penelope Pitstop, The

Penny grapples with the peril of a oral thermometer "The new season on BBC2...and the Top Gear boys fetch up in prohibition America!"

“HAYULP!” HYPER-SPINOFF from [cref 1021 WACKY RACES] featured the titular southern belle perpetually captured by nefarious silent movie villain the Hooded Claw, who always devised some stupidly elaborate delayed-action method of execution, set it going (“This one’s a doozy, Pitstop!”), and then buggered off. Stunted fellow ‘Racers the Anthill Mob (Clyde, Yakko, Pockets, Dum Dum, er… oh, sod it) in their spluttering car Chugaboom came falteringly to her rescue. Also the Bully Brothers (ficko henchmen) and the pointless Claw’s “disguise” as Pitstop’s rich guardian, Sylvester Sweetley. What the fuck was the point of that?



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