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PRE-SWAP SHOP carry-on of precious little consequence and even fewer viewers. Set in a spaceship, more specifically on the control panel whose monitors acted as windows through which the regular segments of the show were seen. These segments were 1) a different puppet model dinosaur each week in a model landscape, its details given the ship’s computer-voice; 2) a serial in still-drawing form (rather like ZOKKO’s “Skayne” space epic) set in the future when Earth was covered by a new Ice Age; 3) TV studio pop music act, usually Cat Stevens.

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  1. Des E

    September 5, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    According to the BFI, this show lasted all of seven episodes (airing between 10 February and 24 March 1973).

    However, the first three still exist somewhere – so the chances of clips appearing on YouTube aren’t quite zero. 😉

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