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Flintstones, The

MONOLITHIC CORNERSTONE of Hanna/Barbera cartoon empire documenting “page right out of history” antics of Stone Age Flintstone clan (Fred, Wilma and Pebbles) and their neighbours the Rubbles (Barney, Betty and Bam-Bam) in the town of Bedrock. Basically, BLESS THIS HOUSE with boulders. Fred drove a dinosaur-powered crane at local quarry and constantly fought with his boss. Well-equipped cave had a record-player with a long-beaked bird doing the needle bit, a waste-disposal unit (large hungry vulture under the sink) and an elephant for a vacuum cleaner. Their car, like most of the other vehicles in Bedrock, required the passengers’ foot power to make it go. “Let’s ride,” jovial man-and-woman choir tootled over opening credits to hammer the point home, “with the family down the street, through the courtesy of Fred’s two feet.” Textbook sitcommery ensued, usually involving Fred and Barney getting into scrapes, falling out with each other, getting caught red-handed by their wives, but all making up at the end. Pet pathos provided by Dino the Dinosaur and hapless cat that Fred was always trying to put out in the titles.

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