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BIZARRO BERMUDA Triangle adventures with a shipwrecked crew in the aforementioned polygon encountering future man-aliens, pirates, green fog and RODDY MACDOWELL. Starred Jared Martin, he of the tight perm and mispronounced first name. Show opened with about 15 people studying the Bermuda Triangle on a boat – including IKE EISMANN, his TV Dad, two blonde ladies – one of them being SUSAN HOWARD from DALLAS – your obligatory black jive-talkin’ dude, and a few others. Landing on the island they encounter Jared, who bizarrely is dressed as a caveman and had a tuning fork thing weapon. First you think he’s bad, but Jared saves the team from some menacing buccaneers and gets a haircut/perm. Then they split into two groups, but both ended up at a big tower block in the desert – could be Atlantis?? This is where the pilot ended, and when the show started proper. Dad and the women got sent home by the Atlanteans (or the network didn’t want them) and Jared, Ike etc. almost had their brains sucked by a big brain but where saved by a new women who could turn into a cat. We found out that the crew were in a big island that was separated by time barriers that made them fizzle and beam into a new zone the next week. Format was now: beam into zone, meet and overcome obstacle of the week (one being Joan Collins) and then beam out. Roddy McDowell, as rascally android maker, joined up after week three or something. They never made it home.

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