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Duchess of Duke Street, The

SPRAWLING EDWARDIAN household powerplay in style of (and produced by the same bloke as) UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS. Real-life ascent of lowly kitchen maid Rosa Lewis to lofty heights of fashionable society manageress in the shape of GEMMA JONES, your charming Cockney put-upon chef desperate to claw up to higher echelons of 1900s London. Besides slaving over many a hot stove for the Prince Of Wales (ROGER HAMMOND) and Lord Henry Norton (BRYAN COLEMAN) she got bounced into a marriage to DONALD BURTON (Augustus Trotter) which dutifully fell apart, not before opening up impressive Bentinck Hotel at 20 Duke Street, and having baby with CHRISTOPHER CAZENOVE. Requisite “loyal” team of Hotel staff stuck by her despite increasing tendencies towards matriarchal moodswings. Textbook Beeb costumery.

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