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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

ERSTWHILE LINE DRAWING and spaceman (GIL “NOT MUCH OF A SUBSEQUENT CAREER” GERARD) “hurled into a future time” (cue rattling year display and plastic future cityscape) has to contend with PAMELA “ARDALA” HENSLEY, stupid robot TWIKI (MEL BLANC) with that face-medallion Dr Theopolis thing roung his neck, and other spare part stuffery. ERIN GRAY donned spandex drainpipes and remained frosty throughout. “Star” guests included little GARY COLEMAN as a boy genius perpetually trying to pull Wilma “Flintsone” Deering. Second series went all STAR TREK by adding baddie-turned-goodie HAWK and WILFRED HYDE-WHITE as a becardiganed old doddery genius in an exploratory spaceship, seemingly staffed solely by a robot fashioned from street lamps and vaccuum cleaner parts.

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