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Benny Hill Show, The

"Mammy!" Benny does his bit for international relations - "and believe me, I've had a few!"

MORE FAMOUS than the Queen in the US. Lived in a shitty flat with money under the mattress. Ben Elton hated him. Same script used for entire decades of “specials”: Hill’s Angels; dappy beret-with-protruding-tongue “character”; running at triple speed in single file via a zigzag route through the park; slapping that bald bloke on the head; “humourous graffiti”; more running at triple speed back in the other direction; HENRY MAGEE, BOB TODD, BELLA EMBERG, NICHOLAS PARSONS looking alternately discomfited and petrified; Fred Scuttle; Chinese bloke Chow Mein. Sides split from sea to shining sea.

"Then she told me she couldn't half do with a stiff one" "And a rock cake caught 'im right between the eyes!"


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