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KERR, Deborah

kerrOne of those stars who, if it wasn’t for the fact she’s so often ignored these days, we’d think twice about putting in this list, so numerous are her famous roles: From Here to Eternity, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, Quo Vadis and, of course, The King and I. But there’s more to it than the Halliwell-approved canon. Innocent wife of occult vintner David Niven in Eye of the Devil. Grieving wife of John Huston’s M in Casino Royale, making a terrible wig-based pun. And, natch, finding her contraceptives watered down in swinging sexcom Prudence and the Pill. The full run of the counter and no mistake.

FINEST HOUR: Getting away from Niven-based matrimony for once, in Jack Cardiff’s painted-on Himalayan retreat in the magnificent Black Narcissus.

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