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Zeta One

Semi-clad female aliens cavort in and out of increasingly outlandish Pop Art sets. It’s a capsule description of well-loved Jane Fonda camp-out Barbarella – and also this rather less cared-for Tigon production, give or take a few odd things. Those few odd things are: veteran actress Dawn Addams and ubiquitous screen siren Valerie Leon as the heads of a gang of alien dominatrixes in saucy underwear who are kidnapping strippers by bundling them into a sack and hauling them off in an intergalactic removals lorry; and, as the hapless Earth duo out to foil the topless invaders, none other than James Robertson Justice and Charles Hawtrey. The spectacle of these two rent-paying Britcom stalwarts trying to cut it as the heads of an anti-bare-breasted Amazon insurgency, torturing topless girls, looking tired and thinking of the money in various Bacofoil-bedecked locations is, well, otherworldly.

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