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Work Is A Four-letter Word

David Warner had scored an unlikely international hit with Morgan! (1966), David Mercer’s demented tale of a schizophrenic battling society’s norms, and somehow became an icon of ‘swinging’ cod-rebellion for the American campus set in the process. Flirting with typecasting, he did a similar awkward squad turn in this adaptation of Eh?, a play by Henry Livings about a rebel in a Brazil-esque future society of subservient industry, which upped the ’60s ante by having the narky Warner obsessed with the cultivation of outsize magic mushrooms, and Cilla Black as his long-suffering fiancee. Warner, nagged endlessly by La Black about his employment status, figures a job in the boiler room of a power station would kill two birds with one stone, and goes about annoying everyone in the place with his contrary behaviour before installing his hallucinogenic crop and marrying Cilla so he can have someone to help with the tidying up. As with The Magic Christian, and countless other films of this period, no-one could be arsed thinking of a proper ending, instead opting for a mass mushroom-fuelled love-in, complete with speeded-up chase scenes and a giant computer exploding, all to a Delia Derbyshire soundtrack.

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