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Trail of the Pink Panther

The first of the posthumous sequels, with Blake Edwards cobbling together all the outtakes from the previous films he can muster, employing Joanna Lumley as a “French” reporter for a clumsy linking device, getting Rich ‘Blue Aardvark’ Little to dub a visibly ailing David Niven, making Richard ‘Soap’ Mulligan do a feeble turn as Sellers’ dad, and generally pissing all over the already soggy Panther legacy. And it doesn’t stop there! Ronald ‘don’t talk to me about unemployment, young man’ Fraser, Harvey ‘Daddy love froggy’ Korman, Graham ‘then we can have Eric Morecambe fixing some slates on a roof, just for the hell of it’ Stark, Leonard ‘suffused with herbs and spices from four continents’ Rossiter, Liz Smith, Dudley Sutton and William ‘Porkins’ Hootkins appear, mostly in old footage.

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