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Signpost to Murder

The presence of this old nutter-on-the-loose suspenser causes much mulling over the hot toddy of star Edward Mulhare’s singular career as the ‘if wet’ Rex Harrison. From Broadway My Fair Lady stand-in to the telly version of Rex’s old film The Ghost and Mrs Muir (see Creamguides passim) he’s forever tarred as the Netto edition of the talk-don’t-sing maestro. Which is a shame, we feel, as we’re sure it wouldn’t work in the other direction. Would so-called ‘Sexy Rexy’ have essayed the part of Devin Miles with anywhere near as much aplomb as Wor Eddie? Could he have invested the man’s turn as head of an international cosmetics conglomerate in Doris Day fave Carpice with any more gravitas? Would he have made Edward’s classic ‘blustering buffoon’ role in Hal Needham’s sainted video rental sci-fi chestnut Megaforce any better? We doubt, we doubt.

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