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Man Who Haunted Himself, The

Basil ‘Room for one more inside, sir’ Dearden demonstrates his unparalleled ability to be shocking very slowly, as a moustachioed Roger Moore survives a car crash, only to find a rollicking doppelganger has been making his life hell while he’s been unconscious in hospital. Cue much worried confrontation with the missus, Thorley Walters and Anton Rodgers, before a climactic Moore-on-Moore car chase brings things to a dramatic conclusion. Top drawer intrigue, with corner-cutting continuity errors failing to blunt the best performance Rog has ever given (as Rog himself concurs).

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  1. Glenn A

    January 12, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    A classic for those of us who like Rover P5Bs. Roger would only survive in one of these Prime Ministerial cars as it was built like a tank and looked like one. However, except for the chase at the end, the rest of it is rather dull.

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