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Halloween III: Season of the Witch

We got into the habit of raising our hopes for the year’s imported non-holiday, what with much ace Hammer and co. stuff being screened more often. More fool us, as this is as good as it seems to get, with a ludicrous plot about Silver Shamrock masks, loony Dan ‘Grig’ O’Herlihy as the company boss, the Bluestone from Stonehenge which he’s secreted (secreted?) away to his factory and a hypnotising TV broadcast all executed in as slack a manner as possible. For the last 15-odd minutes the soundtrack consists of an irritating “sinister” nursery rhyme chant being played over and over again (“three more days ‘til Hallowe’en, Sil-ver Shamrock!”), which is, erm, memorable. Scripted – at one stage at least – by Nigel ‘Quatermass’ Kneale, fact fans.

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