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Carry On Henry

Is it just us, or is Sid ‘n’ Babs’ flirting one of the more tiresome aspects of the mid-period ‘Ons? And this marked the point, we think, where ‘the historicals’ started to rely on ‘Sid and pals in costumes – but acting like they always do! Guffaw!’ goodwill in lieu of decent gags. The main draw here is the rest of the cast as a camped-up court, with Williams, Sims, Butterworth, Connor (Lord Hampton of Wick), Cardinal Terry Scott, and of course Charles Hawtrey as Sir Roger de Lodgerley. In addition, William ‘Kindly Old Gentleman’ Mervyn, David ‘I’ve been watching this boy’ Prowse, Patsy ‘I’ll remember you in my will!’ Rowlands and Bill Maynard as Guy Fawkes. Guy Fawkes??

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