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Top of the Pops, Thursday, 19.30, 00.00, BBC4

Some devastating news to bring you here as it looks like another episode has fallen foul of the issue that affected the one last week and it wasn’t recorded properly – and worse still, it was the last edition presented by Simon Bates! Of all the ones not to be preserved for the nation in perpetuity! Still, we’ll get over it. Actually it is a bit of an end of an era, because as Pops’ oldest and least with-it host bows out, we bring on the kids’ presenters! Doubtless many people will tell you this is where it all went wrong for Pops, though Andy Crane, the first beneficiary of this new approach, at least started out as a DJ so had some credentials (and is again now of course, nestling in the schedules next to Mark Goodier), and at the time we were very excited about his appearance, Paul Ciani wisely realising he had a loyal audience of young people he could bring to the show. And he’s tweeted us a few times so he gets an absolute free pass here.

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