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Top of the Pops, Friday, 20.00, BBC4

So that’s 1991 been and gone – and no, we still don’t know when they’re going to show The Story of 1991 – but rather than plough straight on to 1992 when they can kick it off thirty years to the week, we’ve got a few odd Christmas shows for the rest of the year, some we’ve seen (many times) before but also a couple we haven’t reached yet. This one has had a few outings, mind, as it’s 1984, all very familiar but we think it’s of pivotal importance as the last time Pops really, really mattered and was able to assemble pretty much every major chart star, such was its importance, leading to the famous Band Aid performance, as opposed to just a year later when all the really big stars were represented on video. A lot of the songs are really very familiar and you’ve heard them a million times, we know, but that’s because 1984 was a year of spectacular singles sales and surely the high water mark of British pop commercially. We’ve never had it so good!

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