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Top of the Pops, Friday, 19.30, 21.00, BBC4

You’ll note Pete’s last stand the other week featured a couple of people who’d go on to replace him as Pops host, though sadly one of those isn’t Paul Coia, which is a bit of a shame. At half seven, it’s the first appearance – of two – by Caron Keating, where she was memorably called upon to introduce We Call It Acieed which got the papers a bit excited at the time. Certainly a bit of a talking point from a rather curious episode almost entirely devoted to videos and repeats, for some reason. Of all the kids’ presenters we’ll see over the next few months, you probably wouldn’t have said Anthea “Can you party? Woargh!” Turner would have been the most successful, but at nine o’clock it’s the first of dozens of appearances which go all the way to the big revamp in 1991. Rather overshadowed in this one by Milli Vanilli and their “undertrousers”, mind.

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